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Testimonials from those that have attended a Zarephath Retreat:

The experiences of this week were awesome--non dramatic and so incredibly restful that it will be a "city on a hill" in my memory. Something I will always treasure and look back to. It was EXACTLY what our marriage needed--to pull away and get perspective. It will be something I will counsel others to attempt. 

Pat & Jill attended the May 2011 retreat and minister in Lancaster, CA.


God met me through quiet walks, surrounded by His beauty. One special scene I'll take back with me is a view of the riverbed with the mountains on both sides proclaiming God's majesty with the riverbed full of rocks. It said to me, even though the road may be rocky, there is still beauty, joy, and peace. God loves me. --Gwynn

Joe & Gwynn attended the October 2009 retreat and minister in inner city Los Angeles

Our souls indeed found refreshment during this retreat. We found ourselves basking in God's love as we communed with Him in prayer, worship, and His word. Also as a husband and wife, we heard from God during this retreat. We discovered that we needed to strengthen our marriage and spend more quality time together, something we were neglecting in the busyness of ministry.

Raul & Sylvia attended the May 2012 retreat and minister in Lancaster, CA.


On arriving at Collins Lodge in Forest Falls, we were welcomed by Chris and Dawn... After dinner all the guest pastor couples were given the schedule: no timetable, no wake up bells or curfew, no meetings, no expectations. What followed was 5 days of thorough relaxation, naps, walks, exploring and reading. Best of all was my husband's company, more than I've enjoyed for years.

The profit for me was time to talk and listen to God uninterrupted and to have long talks with my husband and have him share with me what God was saying to him.  --Glenys

Duncan & Glenys attended the October 2009 retreat and minister in Moorpark, CA.


It was so AMAZING knowing that I had NO time limit to how long I could
 spend with Him, in His Word, meditating, praying, or journaling. I have NEVER in my life been given such an incredible gift of time with God.

Terry & Sheila attended the February 2014 retreat and minister in Simi Valley, CA


Through the refreshment of this week we both feel we are going home with a sense of calm, purpose, and recommitment that will enable us to be more patient and purposeful with each other, our children, and ministry. Also we plan to insert more times of rest into our marriage, family, and ministry.

Justin & Mandy attended the October 2010 retreat and minister in Binghamton, New York.


Every Pastor/Wife who is offered this opportunity through Zarephath Ministries should be the first to sign up! Your life and your ministry will be added to and increased in ways you can't even imagine. We all get tired--we all need
rest--what a great way to be renewed. Thank you Chris and Dawn for your heart and ministry to us and other pastors and wives who need so desperately what you have provided. --Robin

Dale & Robin attended the February 2010 retreat and minister in Long Beach, CA.


The whole setting of this retreat is helping me to meet God. I have spent a lot of time in reading, walking, resting, sleeping, and meditating. All these things are helping me to connect with God in different levels. Even eating and laughing with each other is connecting me with God and to feel His presence.

Gary & Frankie attended the October 2010 retreat and minister in Logan, Utah.

God has given us the rest and the time to carefully and insightfully consider every area of our life. We have made concrete plans to put God in the center of our life and ministry where He belongs, and to work out His priorities in our life and ministry... This week has been an expression of God's personal, gracious love and care for us. God Himself placed us here where we needed to be... This was a time of spiritual renewal and an opportunity to reflect... I am challenged to bring this type of fruitful ministry rest to my daily life and ministry.

Roger & Michele attended the October 2009 retreat and  minister in Canyon Country, CA.


Words cannot express what this week has meant to us 
both spiritually and physically. Thank you for answering the call to this ministry. Everything about this retreat is wonderful.

Gary & Esther attended the October 2011 retreat and minister in Jamul, CA.


God reaffirmed His desire and commandment to have a sabbath rest weekly. Our desire is to do this special weekly time together. We have allowed this time to be hijacked and need to put it back as a priority. 

We also felt God showing us the need to require our team (church leaders) to take breaks from ministry for the purpose of "being" before God!

Tony & Charissa attended the May 2012 retreat and minister in El Paso, TX.

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