...where the oil and the flour never run out.

Zarephath Partners

Zarephath Partners

Partner with us as together we 'love on' pastors and their spouses by committing to pray and financially give on a monthly basis.  We will send an email out each month with current praises and prayer requests.

There are a couple ways we promote becoming a Zarephath Partner:

Awareness Events                                                        Chris and Dawn are available to come to your home and share ZM with the friends you invite.  We will share bread and oil and you provide the dessert. This is an informal time for people to learn how vital it is for our pastors to be alone for a time to hear from God and meet Him face to face. Contact us at chris@zarmin.org for more information or to schedule an Event. 

Speaking Engagements

We would love the opportunity to share with your group or congregation by preaching, or teaching in your small group or class setting. Chris often teaches from 1 Kings 17 and expounds on the lessons from the life of Elijah and the widow from Zarephath. Contact the above email for more information or to schedule us.
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